Friday, May 28, 2010

Milo is getting a change of scenery

Exciting news!

Today Milo was moved down to the lower front pasture with the barn owner's two year old colt, Champ. This is one of the pastures I clean every Friday, and one that Milo gets turned out into. Its a good size pasture, probably an acre with a covered run in.

So far, when Ive turned Milo out with Champ they have gotten along great. Milo asserts himself as boss (which he loves because he is the one getting picked on all of the time, now the tables are turned because he isnt the baby anymore), than the boys face fight and graze together. I think it will be a good match.

The plan is to keep Milo there until he can be moved home hopefully next summer.

Oh, I forgot to tell you? Wes bought a house and acreage in Seabeck that we are working on to bring Milo home to. Just shy of three acres, and all usable! Fantastic!

So Milo getting accustomed to the front pasture will get him prepared for life at the house - not at a full care facility and huge warm barn. What will Milo do? (He enjoys hiding in his stall in the rain). It will be good for him though, I know he will enjoy the 24/7 turnout time.

Milo today, omnomnoming the yummy spring grass.

Dinner was in the stall, but Milo cared more about the grass pasture!

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