Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a Quick Update

For just a quick update, Milo and I attended flag team practice this last Sunday; it was Milo's first time back after 4 practices missed. He did well and felt pretty good.

I did some warm up with him and worked him a little bit. To clarify a bit, I can ride him at a w/t/c and can give him a work out that way, but need to limit any and all collection or anything that may cause some torque to his hocks. No small circles, no rollbacks, no sliding stops. It putting a halt on our cow horse training, but Milo's well being is certainly worth it.
So I rode him in warm up and through three trot "run threws" of the pattern. Not that I expected anything differently, but Milo made a Mom proud that after a year of not carrying a flag he didnt bat an eye at me carrying one. What a good boy.
I can tell he is happy to be working again, if only just as excersise.

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rachel addison said...

Im so glad for you guys ! woo hoo !!! ;0