Friday, April 16, 2010

Long time no post

Sorry for the absence in my postings recently. Something has come up with Milo and I wanted to wait until I had more information about what was going on before I started a post.

About three weeks ago I noticed an egg sized buldge on the small hollow of the outside of both his hocks. They were somewhat soft, the right more firm than the left. There was no heat, no swelling, and no lameness at that time. So I rode him still, but limited until I could get the vet to see him.

I was able to bum a ride to the vet clinic with the barn owner of where Im at, but unfortunetly, her horse that was there for surgery went over time and made my appointment about a minute long.

I was able to get Dr. Hills out again this past Wednesday and was able to split a farm call with the barn owner. He did a flexor exanimation and it wasa fact that now Milo was definitely short stepping, his back was sore, and there was a problem. Dr. Hills suggested we get xrays to determine what was going on, and to start him on a joint supplement.

So that is where Im at now. Trying to figure out how I will pay for xrays, and joint supplements. The good news is that at this time Dr. Hills suggested riding at a walk, maybe trail rides would be a good thing. So at least I can keep Milo getting out. Unfortuently, that leaves me horseless for the drill team practices so far. But a sound horse is much more important.

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animageofgrace said...

Oh man, right there with you! Sounds like whatever it is you are catching it early. Talk to Sarah about it when you get the chance, she has some really good insight on hock issues.