Friday, April 23, 2010

I have answers!!

So Ive really been on the fence lately about what to do with Milo and his little buldges on his hocks. The vet really wasnt giving me any answers except just spend x amount of money on this, and maybe this, and if that doesnt work than this.

Than a few friends of mine recommended having him seen my a body specialist who does rehab with horses. Shes also done body work on Milo in the past and corrective saddle fitting. So I figured, why not? Everything she has done with Milo before has really seemed to work for him.

So she came out yesterday evening and did an evaluation with him. Right off the bat she noticed that his hind toes were too long. She said this makes him stand on his toes and he cannot get his hind end to really work underneath him (which I have noticed when riding him too). She said that standing on his toes puts added (and unnatural) pressure on his hocks, which puts pressure on his back too and creates the hollow back (which he has and for months been trying to get him to lift it).

It really all seems to make sense. She put it this way: when she first saw him about 4 or 5 months ago, he had a lot of problems. He was holding tension on his shoulders and poll due to poor saddle fitting. Now that we corrected the saddle, theres still just one more piece to fix. And its staring us straight in the face.

So my next step is to get a new farrier out to really concentrate on correcting his feet. And in the meantime I can still ride him at a walk for now. Whoot!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Maybe this won't be a big problem.
Funny how some horses just have more problems than other horses!
Hoping he doesn't need anything big, just a little fix.

Rachel Addison said...

oh joy ! I will pray for your sweet horse to get better ! my horse just got over a serious injury and i jumped him after he got over the problem! well he must have really gotten into jumping because he jumped a gate and got his stifle torn *again? on a eyehook...grrrr again i will pray for your horseie probly won't be a big problem ! I hope your farrier can do something !!