Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moose and the Jolly Ball

My good friend Stephanie with her cute patootey, Beau (remember from the mini show Moose went to?), came out to help me with my next step with Moose: desensitizing.

She shared a video with me of a local driving trainer who held a desensitizing clinic some time ago, and used a jolly ball as a good means for teaching them to drag something behind them that bumped, bounced, and skooted around. I am hopeful that I can find one of my own this week (Cenex was out of stock today, but I have a friend who said she would give me one of hers) to practice with at home.

So the first step was getting Moose used to the ball in general. My friend tossed the ball towards him repeatedly, you know, usual desensitizing antics until he finally got over it (which wasnt too long), then we followed her around with it dragging behind her, then looped it around Moose's legs for him to drag (which he was a SUPERSTAR) and finally, tied it to his halter so he learned to pull something that jostled.

He really was a wonderful boy. I just love this little pony - he has a phenomenal mind and is a quick study. It's not much, but check out the video of his ball dragging!

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