Monday, March 24, 2014

Milo Reached Double Digits

I'm having a bit of a Momma-freak-out today.

Because Milo turned the big 1-0 today. Thats right, he is now ten. Which means that in five years he is considered a "senior horse".

OMG how did that happen?

This June marks SEVEN years of proudly owning Milo and building our relationship. From a barely started three year old, to a quite finished ten year old, there have been quite the memories and milestones in between.

About a week after buying Milo. 
Milo's first western class. Stockseat Equitation with a Reserve Grand

One of many drill team practices. We were on the team for three years.  
We were in a handful of parades.

Played with a lot of cows. 

Gone on many, many trail rides. Some of our most significant training moments have been on the trail (like lead changes). 
Milo on his eighth birthday. 

And have dove head first into reining. 
Milo is a true blessing. He has taught me so much and has been faithful to me in any arena and interest I have had. A true all around horse, with a sound mind and a lot of try and heart. I would never ever trade him for anything else. He may have limitations, but I will never give up on him. This is my final year of going hard in reining and if we just arent getting there, we will try another avenue. I know this horse has talent, and he will try anything I throw at him. I just cant imagine a life without him.

Tenth-birthday apples from Dad. 
Happy birthday Milo. You will always be Mom's little baby boy. 


Kalin said...

Happy birthday Milo! My boy is turning 13 this year...yikes. Part of me is sad but honestly, I still view 10-15 years old their prime..maybe I'm the only one. :))

Mare(+Missy) said...

Happy Birthday Milo!!!<3

Miss turns 10 later this year too...and we'll be celebrating our four year anniversary together this fall! Crazy how time just flies...

L.Williams said...

Happy Birthday Milo.

Story said...

Happy Birthday, Milo! Superhorse! Follows you wherever you want to go, from western pleasure to drill team to cows to reining. Can't wait to see where else the road takes you. And for the record, I believe most horses don't even grow into their brains til 10 so he's just getting started!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Happy double digits to Milo!