Friday, February 7, 2014

Milo's Little Fit

The last couple of days Milo has displayed some humorous behavior. When I drive past the property before pulling in the driveway I can see that he is quietly standing at the gate. He remains there nicely as I begin cleaning the stalls but as soon as I go in Moose's stall and give him a little attention Milo starts to get irritated.

First  he will begin by pacing the fence line. Heaven forbid if I head into the hay canopy and start getting their dinner served. When the food gets lain and Moose might get a few more "moose-a-woose" coos and ear scratches, Milo is not happy! Running in circles and rollbacks on the fenceline are his next steps to gain my attention. I'm not sure which he wants more: his dinner, his Mom, jealousy over Moose getting attention, or simply just wanting back in next to his buddy. The funny thing is when I go up to get him hes a perfect angel. Either way, the last few days have been amusing when I get home and I thought I would share.


Story said...

What a performance! lol

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