Thursday, January 30, 2014

Practice Ground Driving

So after my visit with my friend last week, she let me take home her saddle for Moose so I could practice driving with it. I was able to take some time today to work with Moose who was great! I wanted to utilize two things: the enclosure of the "arena" (Milo's pen), and using the area Moose likes to be in (Milo's pen). So I tied Milo to some twine attached to a fencepost to keep him out of the way and allowed me to work with Moose in the closure of the fence without taking Milo away and stressing both of them.

Moose was wonderful! I added in Gee and Haw to start introducing directional cues. Moose was so good in fact, I wonder if he has had prior work in driving, at least ground driving. He responds already fairly well to both verbal commands and although I would like to attribute it to his good brain and my training, I suspect he may have been taught basics before. Just like he had so issues with tightening up the saddle.

This is all very exciting! Im having so much fun learning with Moose!

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SillyPony said...

So cute! I would love to have a mini to drive around!!!