Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My schedule

I'm so sorry about lack of recent posts lately not only has my schedule been very busy but I'm also not able to make new post from my laptop anymore it seems it has a virus or something so post are done through my phone now which makes it's time consuming and difficult.

In recent news I got a apprenticeship from my work in temporary service Electrical which entails two weeks in school in 2 weeks in my shop. The apprenticeship lasts 4 years with three years in school and the final year work experience. At the end I will have a second associates degree, two certifications from the college and a certification from the department of labor. It's a really good program and I was only 1 of 6 chosen for my shop from hundreds of applicants. However this new schedule makes my horse time a little tight.

Last Thursday I took both moose and Milo down the road to the covered arena for a weekly ride. I had a great ride on Milo working on basic Western dressage concepts. Two weekends ago I carpooled with a friend to a trainer an hour and a half away who was hosting a western dressage clinic. The trainer is also a reining trainer so I was very excited to go. Western dressage has got me very excited in fact I am attending a local schooling show in early February which I am nervous but eager about as well.

Moose was great as well we continue to work on voice commands on the lunge line and made great progress in ground driving I even got a video but I'm not sure I can share it on blogger from my phone. The next step seems to be attaching some sort of PVC pipe to start desensitizing him to something behind him. I have another friend that trained her large mini to pull a cart and she invited me to come to her barn on Friday where she will help me with learning our next steps too. I was very proud of moose and his incredible strides in only nearly four months I have had him.

Just to add to my interest and schedule, long time readers might remember my interest in mounted shooting. This last weekend I audited a clinic for a new mounted shooting club to the area. Myself and the friend that I went with agreed to come to one of their upcoming practices to see how the horses react and if its another avenue we want to partake in. Although I have shot off of Milo a few times and he seems receptive I want to practice a few times before making the decision to invest in the necessary gear and commitment in order to compete. But I'm really excited about it!

To add to even more interest this year, I plan to attend a few reining shows which also offer ranch pleasure classes. Now, back in November I brought milo to a local show that offered a working rancher class however it was changed to a ranch pleasure class which we did compete in. Out of about 10 pleasure horses Milo and I took a solid 2nd which I was extremely excited about. I love the ranch pleasure class because it represents what a real pleasure class should still be like and I'm very excited to support it in some of my local shows this summer.

Well there are some quick updates for you, not sure when I'll post again unless I can get my laptop figured out but in the meantime I have still been reading and I hope everyone else is having a great and productive winter!

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