Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Arena ride

Sui I haven't posted in a while.  I'm sorry.  But in some news,  I have found two covered areas within five minutes from home who take haul ins!  My go-to arena is slightly closer and is entirely covered with open rides Wednesday night. The owner is someone I know from the mounted posse and its her own private arena so I'm generally riding by myself.

After hauling in three previous times,  and from putting Moose in with Milo and them being fine,  I decided to work both the horses in the once a week haul in and brought moose with us. This was the first time I hauled both the boys together and it went well with no problems!  I did get to experience how attached they are but I got to work both the horses, in an arena,  with lights, on one haul in fee. It was a great evening!

Pictured is moose watching us as best he could over the stall door.  ;)

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