Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Asked for It! Wedding Pics

So I'll post a few of my faves, but if you want to see more you can hit up my photographer's website here.

The hundred year old barn on the property. Inside is an antique shop and the grooms quarters
My bouquet, our rings, and of course, deer antlers
Our beautiful cake made by the Best Man's wife. Topper is a Montana Silversmiths bride and groom on tractor
Getting ready with the help of Husband's cosmetology graduate cousin  

Our Wedding Party. The guys have shotgun shell boutineers I made, and the girls are wearing horseshoe necklaces I made as well. 

Dad and I
We're Married!!
We're missing one Bridesmaid in this photo, but the table decorations were white lights, deer antlers, Pendleton Whiskey bottles for vases and various spurs and horseshoes scattered. (Can you believe the blonde is my twin sister?)
I just love this picture with the mini donkey's legs too. 


Mary said...

It looks like a beautiful place for a wedding. You look so pretty, and I love the boots! Especially the lovely lacy socks... Congratulations on your special day!

L.Williams said...

Beautiful and congrats!

Marissa Rose said...

So beautiful!!!!

in2paints said...

Everything is so beautiful! Congratulations!

Story said...