Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Progress on the Barn

I had to work a ten hour overtime shift on Saturday, when I returned Husband and a Friend had been busily working away on the barn trusses. They were up in the air when I got back and the rental cherry picker "Genie" had just arrived.

That big rig is Husband's "Daily Driver" as he works at a lumber company as Yard Foreman
By the end of the evening they had put the cross rail things up on the trusses (I dont remember the real name, but they are those little pieces of wood sticking up on the trusses where the support pieces will rest on for the roof). 

And there's cute little Moose! He has been a real trooper while all this crazy stuff has been going on alongside him. 

Husband was scaring the bejeebus outta me on that cherry picker. We have them at work (although far larger) but workers are required to wear fall protection when in the basket and they DONT stand on the railing edges as I caught him doing a few times!

That was how the evening ended Saturday, and Sunday we were all up bright and early and Husband was off to the lumber yard for more wood. When he got back the contractor was here too and they got right to work measuring and setting the support rails. 

The weather sure was icky out all day with period of thunder and pouring rain. At one point all the guys his under Moose's tarp shelter while the worst passed, but they would get right back out at it again. (If you look close in the photo you can see Milo's bright white face watching us all). 

Oh my gosh Donnie the contractor crawling around up there!
I had to leave later for a ton of hay, but when I got back the majority of the work had been done, just some final pounded nails for the rear truss. 

Phew! Next step is putting on the metal roofing and after that, this is how it will sit until next spring. A very good start!

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Malory said...

That is so exciting! You are going to have a really nice barn! How fun!