Monday, September 2, 2013

"Titan"? Got a Shelter Today

Among a few others things today, we put up a temporary shelter for the mini horse. Milo has some tree cover where he is (although I'm still on the hunt for a carport), but the poor little guy being separated needed some sort of cover. Husband was gracious enough to make this rain shelter for him with our boat tarp. At least now he can have some shade and rain cover. He already checked it out before I headed back inside.

This will at least do the job until the roof goes up on the barn. Once the roof if up, we will set up this panel and the other six I havent picked up yet to fashion two nice large stalls under cover, and I can then use my arena for turnout. In the meantime, I can feel better that the little guy has shelter now.

You can see the puddle to the right. I cant the little guy a bath today...well more of a half bath. I dont think he has ever had one before so it was really touch and go and I only really got his back, neck, and part of his butt. He was being good and using his head, but I had already worked with him for nearly an hour on touching and handling and he was starting to have had enough. I was pleased though even when he reached his end he never bit, kicked, reared, leaped or anything. All he did was circle on the end of the lead rope. I really could have used another set of hands but I just wanted to give him a brief bath anyway as today was warm and the forecast for the rest of the week calls for rain. Who knows when I would have had a good day to wash him again?

We made progress today though. He nickered a lot to me as I did chores and fed this morning. He comes up to the fence now to get pet when just yesterday he still shied away. As we discovered at the vet, he's sensitive to touch in certain areas still: legs, belly, rear, ears, but he is coming along. Even doing things on the off side were wary for him and he's already starting to come around. He's very trusting he really just needs some time. But already he seems happier with lots of licking and chewing.

As for Milo, he is already jealous of Mom spending time with the small one. He nickers and screams at me, stamping his feet when I'm in the little guy's pen. He will have to get it over it though. He's still my main queeze.


Mary said...

It looks like he's got a nice cozy spot for now. I sure hope the runny nose is something that can be easily taken care of. I think it's a very good sign that he let you semi wash him without too much fuss. Ponies are a bit persnickety anyway. I think he is going to fit in great with Milo. (I'm still leaning towards Otis) :)

in2paints said...

Does he seem to be feeling better? I'm hoping he is, and that Milo is in the clear. You just never know about people when they're selling animals... sometimes they conveniently "forget" to tell you things that are pretty important.

It doesn't sound like it'll take long for him to warm up to you. I bet his nicker is super cute since he's such a little guy. :)