Sunday, September 1, 2013

Milo meets his Mini

To the sounds of both large and small horses screaming, I unloaded the little one, who called to Milo. I led him to the fence-line and let him tenderly sniff Milo's nose. I was cautious, as normal for all introductions, but immediately both horses fell silent. Things seemed calm so with Husband's help, we led mini me into the paddock with a haltered Milo. Again, an exchange of sniffs and neither one showed any signs of escalation.

I really wanted to put mini me into a fenced off panel area, but we weren't able to get the panels until that evening. We let the little one go, then let Milo off the line as well. He walked to him eagerly, but not aggressively. Again, more sniffs, then the two of them wandered around together.

As much as I wanted to avoid the possible food drama between them, it was now 1:30 and I knew the little guy hadnt eaten since before seven, if he was even fed at all. So I tossed a flake in for Milo, and a partial flake to the mini. They both hunkered down and ate, but we stood watch. Mini me walked towards Milo's feed bin and I held my breath. Milo raised his head, but then continued eating allowing the little guy to eat with him!

As time progressed, Milo moved to the small bin and the little guy had Milo's bin. It was cute the swap of bin sizes and horses.

Milo came back towards little guy, but didnt give him any ears or anything, just shared.

It was a quiet and peaceful introduction and I was happy to see food time went well. But that evening's feeding was concerning still.

When we got back from getting the panels (and going to a friend's wedding) we saw the both were still side by side and peaceful. I wondered if I needed to even set the panels up. Something kept telling me that I should separate them, just for sake of not knowing much history on the little horse. But Husband noted that they were doing fine, how about just leave them be until the end of the weekend, then decide from there? It seemed like a fair decision, I would check on them again in the morning.

Poor little guy looks a lot better in photos then in person. He needs some groceries and vitamins, a bath, and some TLC. With the holiday weekend, I figured I would call the vet office Tuesday and schedule a routine check for him then. As it turned out, I would need the vet sooner.


Mary said...

Oh no! Please don't wait too long to finish the story here. He is just as cute as a button and so far it looks like Milo is taking it in stride, obviously something happened...

Is it me or are the word veri's getting harder?

SillyPony said...

How dare you leave us hanging like that!

And yes, it usually takes me 3 tries to get the word veri. It actually gave me a picture of the bottom of a number, not even possible to tell what it was. :)