Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Have Fallen in Love Again

It must be pretty obvious that I have grown attached to Moose already. I'm so happy we added him to our family. There was some natural hesitation at first, what with the veterinary and medical issues and general initial buyers remorse, but I wouldnt have changed anything knowing Moose now. He really adds another great personality to our farm and is definitely making Milo happy as well. I love that he is giving me more things to do outside as well, now I have a horse and a half to take care of everyday; a little man to love and bond with and teach him that people are pretty cool too. He is already obviously interested in me. I couldnt help but swell with pride when each and every time I went outside on Sunday, as the guys were working on the barn, when Moose would call when he saw and Milo would follow. One of our friends laughed too commenting on how every time they see me they call to me. Makes a Mom happy for sure.

Moose learned more on patience today (but this will be posted Wednesday, this was Tuesday). We spent time with the dressage whip touching him all over and moreover, standing still. Moose has a hard time standing still for anything (but eating). He's just fidgety and hasnt learned patience. So we stood around together outside the pen. When he stood for long periods without turning to look at me, beg for cookies, or move a leg, he got a cookie. He started standing like a pro! Then I tied him to the trailer and made him stand when I wasnt with him. I cleaned pastures while he stood and occasionally when I looked over he was quietly standing.

Good boy Moose!

Whatcha doing? I'm kinda bored. 
 I've discovered that cookies or treats make him lick his lips. But not normal licking and chewing, he shoved his tongue out the corners of his mouth:  :)

It's hard to catch on camera, but its seriously out far and in the literal corners!

He's a pretty neat guy. 

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