Friday, March 15, 2013

Working off the Line

On Wednesday I tacked Milo all up to work, but since I hadnt ridden in a few days, I thought I would longe him first. I had the bridle on while I longed, and nearly as soon as he made his first walk lap I noticed his mouth was really salivating. Globs were falling out and when I opened his mouth there was a lot more saliva in there then normal. Milo does get a wet mouth when we ride, but not normally of his amount nor as quickly into a workout as he did. So I decided to take the bridle off in case something was going on, but still wanted to work him.

So on the ground I practiced our leading sans bridle/halter. This isnt totally new to Milo, we had worked on this kind of stuff in the past, but it had at least been two years since. He was great; lead well, trotted, turned both directions, and even did well on the off side. Then I thought, well, lets test how well I'm riding with my seat and legs and see what we can do under saddle without the bridle. So with it still off and on the saddle horn, reins sort of looped around his neck, I stepped into the stirrup.

I walked him around the arena a few times, but thats easy to follow a wall. So I worked on a few circles, he had a hard time changing directions from one circle to the next, instead when I asked for the change in bend in his body he kept the bend the other direction and yielded his hip. Something to work on in that simple change of direction is not coming totally from my seat. I trotted him a little bit but that was a little tricky. He did do quite well at turarounds:

I'm eager to continue work without the bridle and see how far we can go. Im not sure Im going to be doing much showing this summer so at least this is something new to work on and keep us both a littler more fresh. 


Story said...

That's awesome! I've found that when riding bridleless I often have similar issues with bend. Part of it might also be riding more conservatively when the bridle is off?

Unfortunately I couldn't see your video :(

Our show season is going to end up being pretty lean this year as well. Darn that thing called money!

SillyPony said...

Says Video removed from facebook or not visible due to privacy settings...

I love playing around with bridle-less work, too! I'm not brave enough to actually try it without the bridle until I can regulate speed better, but we've darn near mastered the rein-less steering at the walk, jog, and posting trot.

That says so much about your relationship that you are willing to try it! I really wanna see the video now! :)

allhorsestuff said...

HI there...was just popping around blogs and landed here.
Milo is beautiful and I too, wish to see the video of you two!!

I have a TB mare that was severely beaten and made to do all kionds of stunts and activited while under saddle youg with a tie down and ill fitting saddle over wounds for 30 days...she seems to REALLY dislike th arena work, and while she has given me some nice work there, she has been trowing tantrums(dangerous for me) I hesitate, though dream of, riding bridle less! Maybe someday, under the right conditions she'll trust me.

Can't wait to ck out your creative cowgirl stuff!

Be well!