Monday, January 14, 2013

Kinda Bummed...

The last year or so I have been following information on Versatility Ranch Horses and competition. I have watched the AQHA world show for the event and just been exploring what is involved - and I have really wanted to get involved! Its a multi-event competition from ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch reining, ranch cutting, and ranch halter. It looks like a ton of fun with just about everything I want to do in it! And with it being "ranch horse" it encourages ranch-style horses. You know, those that move well, arent low and slow, and actually can work in a multi-facet competition (all FUN stuff too).

So, I found out that the ONLY Ranch Versatility (at least, in this multi-facet competition) available in Washington is only in its 2nd year of organization this coming year. There is no club for the state yet but they are trying to get a 3 day clinic and show organized as an annual event. I had missed last years but was asked to be put on the list for this years.

Today I got an email for this coming year's competition and clinic held in May. I got really excited, asked for more information, and started scouring the internet for more info. I immediately dropped any other plans I may have in order to afford and attend this event. But, then I found the last piece of information I would need - the location.

Pomeroy, WA. A little town I had never heard of and needed to look up on Google. Its just south of Pullman, which is where Washington State University is held and notorious for being in the freaking middle of no-where, and is oh, six hours away. Practically on the Idaho border.

Big bummer. I sort of feel-ed out the Boyfriend to see what his thought might be on going to this (and of course I made it sound as awesome as possible, but that was easy cause this sounds soooper cool) and he said "um yeah, thats really far". Yeah....hes right. Even if I pooled all my horse shows and activities efforts for this summer together, it not only would still be an expensive trip (clinic cost, plus travel, plus lodging, plus stall fees, plus food, and anything else that would probably come up, like tuning the truck before the haul, and time off work, and the actual time it takes to get over there) it still just doesnt seem feasible.

I'm really kind of bummed and it sure doesnt seem like the Boyfriend wants to do that so naturally I dont want to make him. Plus its time off work he has to ensure and generally just the time required to go and its just for me to have fun, nothing really in it for him.

So yeah. Bummed. :(


Kate said...

That's really too bad. I've been interested in Ranch Versitility too - I even have one real ranch horse, Pie, who would probably excel at it. But there's very little of it in my part of the country.

SillyPony said...

That is no good! One of my barn mates does those shows here in Ohio and she LOVES them. She was champion Ranch Trail this year and got her first buckle.
She tried to organize a clinic for it at our barn - with cows! - but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I was SO disappointed, I feel your pain.

Hopefully they'll be popular where you live and they'll expand and multiply!

in2paints said...

I feel your pain... many times I've found something that looks super fun, only to find out it's way too far from me. Maybe once it gets going a bit more and they have more interest, they'll have multiple locations.

There are some ranch horse competitions not too far from me. It looks like a lot of fun!

Story said...

Sounds like us with the Arabian Sport Horse division. We lucked out last year getting some classes added to our local A show but after all I heard about was how many thousands the Sport Horse show lost so I guess that won't happen again! A real shame. I'm sure these are things people would really enjoy if they got out and tried them. And for the record, if I still had a stock type horse I'd be all over that Ranch Versatility stuff too. It looks awesome!

horsegenes said...

I believe that Ranch Versatility is going to be huge - give it a few years. We have a few in my area and they are great shows. Check out the NVRHA (National Versatility Ranch Horse Association) - They may have some closer to you. What I love about this group is they do a clinic one day with the judge as the clinician and then you show the next day.

paint_horse_milo said...

Thanks horsegenes, yes I have looked at the NVRHA website thats how I found out about this one, but there is no sanctioned club or events from NVRHA in my state. Hopefully it will catch on, but I want to go play NOW!!