Monday, October 1, 2012

My Favorite Paint

Obviously, my favorite Paint is Milo. Here are some photos from the other day. I took video but my camera is dead and I have to charge it before uploading and, well, I just havent gotten to it yet.

"Hello Momma...I was a good boy, can I go back to my stall now?" 
I have started using the "knot method" for his tail. I chopped off about two inches (needed to be done) then knotted it up. I think there are seven knot strands total. His tail looks really short now after the cut and knotting, but by the end of winter it should be long and full.

Then it was time for Mom's chores. Milo initially made it look like he was going to help...

But really he just scrutinized my work and got in the way. :)

This is Milo's best "standing on a pedestal" impersonation

And totally being in the way of the wheelbarrow...
"But I'm so cute Mom"
"Who needs to clean poop when you can love on meeeeee"
Chores eventually got done and I got this great glamour shot


ABScharstein said...

He is such a handsome boy, even if he is a lil pill butt :P

paint_horse_milo said...

pill butt? cause he was getting in my way...? but thanks, he thinks so!

Story said...

Ah! Welcome to the knot club! I think you will like it! Your knots look awesome.

Love that last picture. That's frame worthy!