Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drat those Run in Patterns!

I've still been working on maintaining my drive from the rear and soft feel in my hands and body, my rides with Milo have been good.

Right now I am waiting on my farrier for Friday, Milo is about 2 weeks overdue and one of his hind shoes is slipping crooked, so I havent been riding. Bad Mom award for that one, but I couldnt get the farrier out until I was paid. :(

In the meantime, I am wrapping my head around the two patterns I need to execute next weekend at the Finals ins - of course! Things to work on...once Milo has new feet.
Open class and Non Pro Championship...I think I will go into Open only and use as a schooling round before the Non Pro class.

Non Pro pattern and Open Championship Pattern

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Story said...

For me, personally, the only thing that would mess me up more than a run in would be if they came up with a pattern that had you run in and do a lead change as you ran lol. I have so much trouble settling Dee if I give her wild side a chance to get out. One exercise I often did was to mix up my fencing with rundowns and "walkdowns". But darn she could be hard to make walk the length of the arena after a rundown! I'm sure Milo will do great, though. You guys have worked your butts off! Can't wait to hear how it goes.