Monday, August 13, 2012

Got the Photos!

Finally got the photos from the last two horse shows....they are all jumbled together...I dont really know which were from what shows. But who cares! :)

Looking like a Halter baby!! Makes a Momma proud. :)

Totally "horse-show" haha

My favorite, actually :)


SillyPony said...

They are all wonderful! But the last one, your fav, doesn't show up for me. :(

I really like your style!

paint_horse_milo said...

Thanks! I like to be a little undertoned, but still eye-catching. I get tons and tons of compliments on my chinks and just got my own Bedazzler !!! to spruce my shirts up with

in2paints said...

They all turned out really nice! I think your favorite is also my favorite!

SillyPony said...

Now I can see your favorite! LOVE it! Have fun with your bedazzler! I converted to hotfix crystals a while ago 'cause I was a failure at the bedazzler. I had a terrible time putting the stones where I wanted them and I usually ended up with 1 prong going the wrong direction. LOL!