Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PPHA/OPZ Two Day Show - Day Two

The morning started out brisk and early. I fed, watered, and cleaned Milo, found a .50 coffee, and added Paint/Pinto/Breeding Stock to my classes. At eight thirty I decided I really probably should get the pony ready and warmed up before the arena closed and classes started. I dragged him out of the stall and started getting ready. Once in the arena, he felt just as he always does in warm up: consistent, quiet, and moving well. I was draw two in the first class, which was the same pattern as yesterday, pattern 12.

Boyfriend got a phone call halfway through and put the camera down...?

I thought it was a pretty solid run. Milo did surge forward at the beginning or ask to gain speed at every stride. If I remember correctly, this judge gave us a 67.

I went over the next pattern in my head, again, another one I had never ran through before, pattern ten. We were draw number four and had to sit for a little while before heading in. Milo was starting to feel a little agitated and Im sure just wanted to be done showing. I trotted him in the grass a bit to try and get him thinking about work again, and headed into the arena. 

At center, the pattern called for a run down past center cone, then back to center. After the judge acknowledged us, I cued for the lope departure. Well, the video tells all. I decided right then and there as I reached for the reins with my other hand that this class would consist of all schooling. I would get cleaner lead changes with no rush afterwards and no dive in on the the shoulder. 

Immediately I knew that my second place tie from the day before had no merit now and I was out of the running. I was disappointed, but I felt that we recovered in the pattern well and it was more important to school Milo through it then let him get away with that behavior. 

Such a bummer that I had to correct a few things cause some of the maneuvers were our best yet! The spins to the left were better and the stops were pretty nice too! But, I think in the long run having schooled the class was better then not, especially now that at least once Milo didnt think that he could get away with whatever in the showpen. 

They immediately called out the placings and overall scores and placings from both days combined. Even with Milo's second day mishap, we placed third overall (of four) giving Milo a neck ribbon! His first one ever, lol. 

We stripped off the tack and was able to borrow a halter again, then quickly entered our final class, halter. When we trotted past the judge Milo got all snarky shaking his head but a couple bumps on the chain below his mouth got him to stop. He squared up nicely and stood quiet. But the judge today didnt like him as the one yesterday had, and we got third of three, and didnt go back in for championships. I undressed, and started packing up Milo's stall to get ready to head home. Then the show secretary told me to get my horse cause they needed us in the arena for overall halter placings. Overall in halter championship, Milo got fifth of six, lol, and received another neck ribbon. 

We finished packing and hit the road back home, just in time as it started raining a few minutes later. Overall though, even with some bobbles, I think it was a pretty successful weekend. 


Story said...

I think deciding to school is one of the toughest decisions but I think everyone I've talked to who does reining has had to do it. Seems it's just part of reining.

No shame! I swear those run in patterns are the most evil things! Totally designed to make your horse crazy right off the top. I haven't been schooling rundowns this year since we didn't put Dee's sliders back on, but I used to school them at a walk and trot tons to try to get her to stop anticipating the gas, but still when we'd do it for real she'd lose her mind half the time. Not sure what Milo was going on about but he sure thought he knew where you were going...or at least where he was taking you!

Your first pattern was great, and damn, but that last stop in your second pattern was awesome! Way to finish! Major stop envy! I watched it like 5 times! Is he wearing sliders now?

Congratulations on the neck ribbons! Still something on my wish list! ;)

in2paints said...

Yee-ha! Milo was like, "let's go!" in that second pattern. I think schooling was a good choice... I find if I let Lilly get away with things in the show pen that she learns she can do whatever her little heart desires. If Milo is anything like Lilly, it's good to let him know he can't do what he wants when you're showing.

Neck ribbons are the best! Congratulations on a great show weekend!

paint_horse_milo said...

Story - no sliders yet! OMG I cant wait until they get put on though, hes getting better and better it will be so fun when they are on. But thats why we are waiting still, there are a few more holes Sarah wants to finish before they go on. Certainly dont want to put them on too soon and injure him, since I know it will be crazy fun to put them to use!

And yes, Im cool with schooling, just wish it were a schooling show without points and awards on the line. Ah well. :)