Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At Peace

First off, what do you think of the new blog design? I had been mulling over changes for months now..never quite getting it how I wanted it to look. Even with the old one, it still didnt feel like "us". I love wood tones so I found this blogger background, which I feel is perfect (for now..haha), and I have always loved the composition of the header photo with the fence-line. Its an older photo from September, I believe, but it is peaceful in it's quality...I hope this spring I capture another good feeling photo like this only with Milo's blanket off. We will see if it comes along though.

Anyways, I know things arent as exciting here as in previous times. I am so busy with everything in life right now, I dont even have a strict work schedule with Milo like I used to. I still see him daily for feedings and cleaning, but it seems all too frequent there is another place I am supposed to be. I have been enjoying a lot of grooming sessions and cuddle time, which is what I really need right now. I think Milo is feeling good with the pressure of aspiring work and goals off of my own shoulders.

Dont read that wrong, however; we still have goals, but an agenda truly is gone for the moment. I have really been able to take the time to enjoy my horse, and I truly have. I have really been enjoying the trail rides we have been going on. It feels to be the solitude and mind clarity we both have really needed. It is coinciding with the twice-weekly yoga classes I have at the college. A designated time of the day where I give it to myself to just find some peace and clarity. I am really happy that I have found a way to incorporate this into my horse-time. While I have always found my time with Milo and horses as a place for relaxation, I would be lying if I didnt say often it was also another contention for stress: must get that lead change, work on my seat, drama, agendas, upcoming horse shows, etc. I think we can all admit to that. And look at that list I just jotted out: "must", "work", "drama", "agenda". How can one find clarity when those emotions are filling up the barn?

I'm not perfect, I dont pretend to be, but I am really happy I have once-again found the peaceful serenity that the barn offers - that my horse offers. He really is an amazing animal. I can be entirely happy with "just" being in the stall with him, stroking his head, cuddling, breathing his scent. Thats as good as riding for me in that day.

Today, I did ride and worked on some elements from my last lesson with Sarah. But what I really wanted to mention was the progress we have been making in the stall. I have made an effort to do many things with Milo while in the stall or in the presence of food in efforts to hopefully dissipate the food/stall aggression we have dealt with before. Even with some reservations, nerves, and some fear (I will admit to the heart-quickening I have gotten when the rear end swings towards me, or the ears pin), I have made a conscious effort to work on these things. Milo (and I) are doing well. Grooming, feeding (not through the window, coming into the stall), tacking, hoof raising, tail bagging, cleaning, on and off the halter. And of course, cuddling. He is doing well and figuring out what is acceptable. And we are once again enjoying each other.


Anonymous said...

It all sounds very good. And I really like the new blog design and the header - all just beautiful!

in2paints said...

I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you and Milo are in a great place right now. Some of my most fond memories with Lilly are from when she was on stall rest and I couldn't ride her. Just being with them is a wonderful change sometimes.

Love the new blog design!

Story said...

Love the new design! The picture is gorgeous!

So glad to hear you've found some peace at the barn. You'd think with this horse thing being our passion that would be easy to do but it couldn't be further from the truth. I lost touch with some of that myself but I'm trying hard to find it again. I think our horses are happiest when we find it too.