Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stocked? Sprained? Or Swollen?

Last weekend (Friday) I noticed some minor swelling in Milo's right rear fetlock. After just riding him two days before and not noticing anything, I wondered what was up. I felt down his leg and no heat was detected. He didnt seem overly tender to my touching it, and was bearing weight. I wondered if the poor weather and slippery footing had caused him to step funny. There was a small and minor cut just above the coronary band, which I cleaned, treated, and then cold hosed the entire fetlock area. I repeated on Saturday and Sunday, although by Saturday the swelling was mostly gone, and by Sunday, completely. Friday and Saturday I made sure he didnt have pasture time.

Monday came around and I didnt ride, figuring it would only further give him some time off the fetlock. Tuesday he was still fine and we ended up going on a trail ride. Mostly at the walk, small amount of trotting, and only a few strides at the canter. No poor footing, no slick areas, only in good soft stretches. He didnt feel off or lame - nothing. I figured whatever it was was good and gone, it was probably just a minor rolled fetlock or something.

Well, this last Friday I pulled him out of the stall anticipating riding again after the few days off since the trail ride. Although I had been out on Thursday and saw what I thought was stocked hind legs (due I was sure to the bad weather, and he urine spots in the stall further backing that theory), and didnt think much of it figuring a lunge before riding on Friday would get things in order. Friday, however, showed one "swollen" fetlock, but again no heat, digital pulse, lameness, or tenderness. It was odd. I sighed and figured cold hosing and some more time off might be the ticket. The mud was still well over a half foot deep still and had a real suction grip to it too. He probably just did whatever he had done before to it again.

This morning when I fed and cleaned I saw the swelling was still there. Same deal. I dont know what to think of it though, it definitely isnt stocking like the other day - they cant just stock up in one leg, can they? Im nervous to lunge him to exacerbate a problem that might be there, but when leading him up and down the aisleway he looks and hears sound. Maybe more time off is still the answer? Its odd to me that there is no heat and no soreness to it, but the swelling still concerns me.


Fetlock said...

I used to have a mare that would (without fail) develop this same issue every time it was muddy. It didn't matter how careful we were--when the footing was iffy, she would crop up with a swollen fetlock. Just like people, one bad sprain can predispose a horse to this sort of thing (in my opinion).

Story said...

How frustrating! Could it be from spending more time in his stall lately?