Sunday, March 4, 2012

Milo's New Favorite Treat

I began to eat some of my favorite candies, and well, Milo wanted some too.

Ok Milo, you're too cute to resist. Lets see if you like Nerds. 

One more, Milo. 
Num num num. More please?

No Milo, sorry, there are no more. See? Empty box. 

No Milo, dont eat the box!! Give it back!

You bit off the top flap! Drop it!!


in2paints said...

I love Nerds too, so I know how Milo feels. They're kind of tangy too, so I'm surprised he liked them!

BTW, it's totally okay that you used Lilly's picture on your Etsy site! She's flattered. :)

Mare said...

LOL! Missy liked Green Apple Jolly Ranchers, so Milo isn't alone in loving candy:)

Story said...

Omg I love nerds! Milo has good taste lol.