Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cowgirl Bling!

Hey, off topic for Milo, but wanted to tell y'all that I started making Cowgirl Jewelry! I have a post on my Crafting Cowgirl blog with some of my favorites, but you can also check out my works at my Etsy shop, The Crafting Cowgirl.

Look around, and I hope you find something you love. If you dont, I take custom orders! Some of these would be gorgeous show necklaces! Wink, wink.


in2paints said...

Very pretty! I added you as a favorite on Etsy!

Story said...

You make all that stuff?! Wow! I'm always so envious of people with creative talent. My brother got every ounce of that for the family leaving people like me with barely the creativity to tie their own shoes.