Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cold but Pretty Trail Ride

Before the other boarder left (whose stall we took), we went out on the trail together and she showed me a few of them, which was awesome because I didnt really know any out there, and I was a little chicken to explore by myself. But I did go out alone after she showed them to me. I had Angie with me though!

Caught Milo in the pasture. Angie found an old basketball. Milo thinks she's crazy. 
"Psht. Silly dog playing with a ball."  You're one to talk there, Milo.

Milo was most comfortable when Angie was out in front. Good bear meat I guess. Whenever she drifted behind us, his head came up and his steps shortened. I would call her out front again and he would relax. Haha.

Milo spooked at this sign...apparently he doesnt agree with Jeanie Schultz for Central Kitsap School Board
We found this little pasture to work in - with a view!
We ended up having a really nice ride and was able to work on loping on the trail, in a relaxed manner. It was a great ride. :)

Before going out, I washed Milo's tail, and when we got back it was so soft and pretty. :)

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Story said...

Beautiful trail! Except for the random political sign. I might have spooked too lol.

Tail washing is SO on my todo list this week. Reasonable temperatures are finally making an appearance and I can't wait to break out the shampoo.