Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shenanigans - of the Destructive Kind

You might remember last month the post with all the pretty (wet) snow photos. And my comment on the torn neck cover and heavyweight blanket? You do, fabulous. Well before leaving to Texas I dropped the blanket and cover off at the local tack consignment shop, a drop off location for our equine laundering service locally. I used them last spring to clean all my blankets and they did a fantastic job, even doing minor repairs I hadnt asked for for no extra charge. I was eager to drop off the blankets and get them repaired before they got any worse.

Friday I picked them up and inspected them over - they looked great and the laundering service even washed them for me with no charge! I was eager to get the heavy blanket and cover back on Milo, who had been sporting a lightweight blanket over the midweight blanket, and no hood. The temperatures are still dipping into the twenties here overnight, and I didnt want him without his winter-wear for too long. But work kept me away that evening so it would have to wait until Saturday after a six hour cart shift to get the newly repaired blankets back on.

So, what did I find when I got to the barn that evening? Can you guess?

"Are you kidding me?! Well. That's just lovely, Milo," I glared at him leading him out of the stall. "Just lovely."

Thank God he didnt tear completely through the lightweight and into the midweight. But goodness sakes, I just bought that lightweight blanket in September!

Now this is coming from a horse who hasnt even scratched any of his blankets in three years. Last month's "inconvenience" I tried to blame on catching in the stall, the fence, or anywhere. But I think I know who the real culprit here is ...

... Cabo.  You little poop stain.

In all fairness, Milo had a hand in this too. After all, it takes two rotten boys to face fight. 

Ok, well, they aren't rotten. But still!

Milo: anything Cabo can do I can do better!
So, I think I want to move Milo out of the #2 stall. Which makes me sad. I want Milo to be happy and he loves Cabo and Torik, but I can't afford $40 on blanket repairs every other week. This is just ridiculous. There is an empty stall on the other side of the barn, #6 stall, that I could move him into. He would have quiet Colby and old mare Anna. I dont think face fighting or blanket tears would happen from those two. Milo could still see his buddies across the aisleway too. In fact, it might help him get over Torik and Angel leaving the barn...

Here is his current paddock:

And the potential new paddock:

It's a tad shorter at the end with that weird covered thing and the run down to the pasture. I liked that about his current one with it expanding on the end how it does. I really like the stall he is right now as a matter of fact. Good lighting and an easy door (the #6 stall door sticks a bit). that worth blanket repairs?

The turnout schedule will be the same, with the pasture behind the barn being split in two; one for the left side and one for the right side. 

I left a note on the white board for the B.O. to get his opinion on the situation. There are opening in the upper barn too if it comes down to it...but I do prefer the lower barn. Hmpf. 

At least the heavy blanket is cleaned and repaired now...


SillyPony said...

Milo has a butt patch! So cute!
I feel your blanket repair pain. I kind of wonder if a $400 Rambo would save me the trouble, but it's an expensive experiment so I'll stay with my Schneider's blankets! I'm very thankful that I can do my repaires myself! Someday I'd like to BE the blanket repair service. :)

paint_horse_milo said...

SillyPony, Im pretty sure I could do it myself, IF I had a much larger machine. At this point though, Ill let the pros do it (like you!). At any rate, I love the sstack blankets

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Boys will be boys. We've given up on blankets a few years ago.