Friday, October 7, 2011

Show Footage - Totally Awesome!

You all saw the raw footage of my reining patterns with Milo at the last show. One of the other students with Sarah was also at the show and ended up taking some footage of her own. This is the result of the compilation of her video clips. Although I am a country listener myself, I really enjoyed seeing this video. She captured some good maneuvers and made us look really competent, haha! Hope you enjoy.


Lea & Eddie said...

Hi there,
I was wondering if I could ask you a question.
I have a breeding stock paint gelding who (I believe) really loves to cut and do slide stops. He does it naturally, but I don't know how to ask him to do it from his back. So may I ask how you taught Milo how to do spins and slide stops?
We do natural horsemanship, so I'm searching for a way to teach him without using the traditional way of teaching horses how to do those things.
Thanks so much!
Your video looked great!!

in2paints said...

What a cool video!! She did a really good job with the editing. You and Milo look great! :)

paint_horse_milo said...

Lea, I just started slow (like with anything) and would ask him to stop with my seat, rounding my lower back and sitting deep in the saddle. If he didnt respond, he would be asked to stop from my hands and back up. You want the horse always thinking about backing afterwards to encourage their hind end to really come up underneath. Do this every time you stop, and eventually they learn to get their hind up underneath. I incorporate the word Woah only for a slide. He knows to really park his booty at that word. We are ready to put slide plates on him now, which will increase his ability to really slide.

Story said...

Some people are so good at video editing! I always want to edit together something cool but it never works out quite the way I plan lol.

Funny thing, that word "whoa". The English rider in me still likes to sometimes throw it out there indescriminately, and Dee always calls me on it by planting herself hard. I've nearly put myself over her ears a few times lol.

Lea & Eddie said...

Thanks very much! I really appreciate it!