Monday, August 22, 2011

Troxel Cheyenne Helmet - This was Supposed to be a Review

After my accident with Milo on my birthday, I have been diligently wearing my current helmet. Not only was I lucky in the fall that I came away relatively injury free, but my head never made contact with the hard, gravel ground. At the same time, however, I feel that I dont want to chance fate again with this four year old helmet, but have been wearing it even in our arena rides. Only two days before my incident, the barn trainer's horse fell on top of her as well, and she walked away with an injury to her knee. I also personally know a gal who took a terrible tumble with her horse around a barrel a few years ago, not wearing a helmet, and she still has head damage. Then, the now famous video of Courtney Dye went around only a day or so after my fall, and I thought the universe was really trying to tell me something.

So, with some of the funds from my 21st birthday cash, I decided to finally purchase a helmet I had secretly been envying for for many months. The Troxel Cheyenne Rowdy helmet. I knew I liked the Troxel brand already, and I LOVED the leather covering over it as well as the western-y stitching. I was a little leery on the sizing; they offer hat size sizing - 6, 7, 7 1/8, etc. I thought it would make it a nice very close fit, but was a little concerned about the lack of adjustment on the back, as is normal with many helmets, current one including. I ordered it in brown anyways in a size 7 (I'm either a 7 or 7 1/8 depending on hat brand) and waited by the mailbox daily for it (ok, well I actually just asked Boyfriend every night after work if my package was seen on the doorstep). Finally, a week after ordering it was here.

I tore it out of the box and tried it on. Hmm. It felt perched on top of my head, but as far down as I could push it. It had that "pop" effect where I pushed it down, it would slide back up. I snapped the chinstrap into place, hoping it would hold it where it was supposed to be. Instead, the chin straps choked me as the helmet crept back up. It didnt feel too small because I still felt room on either side, and front to back felt ok. But I knew in my gut that it didnt fit correctly. I looked to Boyfriend, who looked back at the television. Hmm.

I knew the barn trainer was looking for a new helmet, and had asked me to let her know about sizing on this one as she wanted to get one. So I brought it to the barn to have her try it out. If it fit, she would buy it off of me. If not, I could ship it back for a refund and try helmet shopping locally so I can try them on before buying. I might have to forgo pretty looks but maybe I can find the right fit.

It seemed to fit her ok when she tried it, but she said she would think about it and let me know. Ended up deciding against it, so I plan to ship it back for a refund. Any recommendations for your favorite helmet?


An Image of Grace said...

I really like the helmets that Tipperary makes as they fit my oval shaped head better than anything else out there. You may want to check ou the Riders4Helmets website, they have a lot of info on all the new helmets out there.

Deanna said...

I'm kinda relieved to read that this happened to you too. I thought this was suppose to be such a fabulous helmet and I couldn't get it fit my head!
I have not, as of yet, found a helmet - so I have no advice. But I'll learn with you from your commenters.
Great post!

in2paints said...

As far as helmets go, I think it really depends on how much you want to spend. I wore a cheaper Troxel for a long time and was amazed at the difference when I put the IRH ATH on my head, but there was also a huge price difference. I have an oval shaped head and couldn't believe how much more comfortable the IRH was.

When I bought the IRH, I went into a store and tried on a whole bunch of helmets before choosing the one I brought home. Is there anywhere you can go to try them on? That's the best way to make sure they fit your head.

I'm glad you've decided to wear your helmet more. :)

Julie K said...

I second the Tipperary comment. I just bought my second first was over 8 years old. They look cool, fit awesome and are super lightweight!

Story said...

That's funny because I find the Troxel Cheyenne Rowdy to be very comfortable! It looks huge on my head but it feels good so I don't care.

I also have a Troxel Dakota, which is more low profile than the Cheyenne Rowdy, but I've found over time that the little mechanism that allows it to adjust slips and the helmet feels horribly tight and gets painful to wear. Also the cute little decorative strap across the top of the visor keeps coming unsnapped and flaps around, so no recommendation there.

I would definitely experiment with other brands if you can. They all seem to suit different head shapes. Anxious to hear what you settle on.

SillyPony said...

I am REALLY liking my new Ovation helmet. It is REALLY light and the liner is machine washable. It comes in a tan color if you want to look a little more Western than the traditional black. It also comes in purple and blue if you are so inclined. They run about $55. My head is more of an oval shape, too and this one fits well. There is a big difference in outside dimensions between the S/M and the L/XL, though. I fit into the the S/M but the L/XL doesn't seem nearly as low-profile as the advertisement photos.

There's pictures of me in it on my post "Strap one On Part II."

Sand. said...

I too love my IRH, however I'm not fond of the sizing at all. My helmet only came in S, M, L, and for some crazy reason, even small is too big (my last helmet was a 6 5/8)! I have padding on top of padding to make it fit, and even now I have to tuck my pony tail in to get it to fit right! Sizing helmets suck!

But I will vouch that it's really pretty, light and cool!