Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tis the season for ... halters!

Milo is totally spoiled in regards to halters lately...actually, I am too - I love new tack! So you remember that I have been using Milo's new Weaver orange colored halter (which I coordinated with a chocolate brown lead rope as they no longer make the "pumpkin" color like the halter) that Boyfriend bought for him, and we are thoroughly enjoying it. But since it was my birthday last week, a good friend of mine surprised me with a gift. I opened it up, and guess what was inside? I am happy that we went for the orange last week instead of the red because...

Milo, get up and see what our friend bought for you! (He laid down just as I entered the pasture. Made me feel bad to get him up, but I had a schedule to adhere to and work to follow. Oh, and by the way, stinker took off his fly mask!)
It's ok, Chica, I know you're jealous. 
My friend gifted me (and Milo) a new Weaver bronco halter - in red! I was thrilled to see it when I opened it up. Not only have I been wanting a red halter for Milo, but the bronco style is beautiful and the rubies add a nice touch (considering ruby is my birthstone). I think Milo looks well in it, don't you?

Oh, Milo, turn around and show us what you got!
Milo: I'd rather be sleeping still. 
Boyfriend saw it and said, "well I guess this means you won't use the one I just bought you, huh?" No! I can rotate my halters. :) I still have my chocolate bronco halter I won at the rodeo last year, as well as my leather one I keep my Peggy line attached to, and the old hunter green one I was previously using on Milo. There is an occasion for every halter! And this new one is beautiful, but a little much for everyday use. Nonetheless, I think I can get enough usage out of ALL of my halters. :)

I lead Milo up with the chocolate lead (btw, where did the sun go??)

And after riding found a new black one I had never used before. Chocolate can stay on the orange halter, black can go with the red. :) Oh, and the sun is back - silly Washington weather. Oh, and I see a classic Milo-tongue poking out. 

Milo seemed to approve of the new piece of tack, his only qualms with it (and any other thing on his head) is it limits his yawning abilities. Oh Milo. 


Mare said...

I love the red halter, it looks great on him! Red is the color of choice for another certain sorrel Paint horse I know...Missy approves, and think Milo looks adorable!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Oh, Milo. You look like you don't care, but I think it makes you look feminine.

in2paints said...

It's so pretty! And definitely too nice for everyday use... the orange one will get plenty of wear, I'm sure. :)