Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Typical Attraction

Nice stretch there, Jake. 

Time for the infamous Milo-yawning.

Gettin' Low. 

Do the yawning photos get old?



Rising Rainbow said...

Legs is a yawner like that. Always seems to make me laugh.

I also read the other posts I had missed. Was the purple ball not a jolly ball of some kind?? It would suck not to be able to find him another one.

If there are lots of rocks in his field, maybe your abcess problem is starting off as stone bruises. I know from experience they can get stone bruises and not always show lame until you get to the abcess part.

You're so right about the agression. It's not going to get fixed if she won't put him in his place and certainly feeding him is a reward. I hope you get something figured out.

smazourek said...

He is so cute!