Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meet the Lovely Ladies

I talk of "the girls" in some of my posts referring to Fridays. That's because of a partial work exchange for boarding costs, where I clean the other two pastures that Milo isnt in. There are a total of three pastures in front of the facility which is tucked away behind a treeline buffer from the busy highway. Milo and Jake are in one, and Jake's owner cleans their pasture. I clean the other two which house the BO's broodmares. While only one is expecting for next year, they all get to reside in the broodie pastures. The BO generally never lets anyone board in her pastures, but for Milo and Jake (and Covergirl, Jake's owner's other horse home from college in the summer) she made an exception.

So, since I spend so much time in the pastures with the girls, and mention them here from time to time, I think some proper introductions should be made.

This is Dusty, "A Hot Scene". 
Dusty is a very pretty, sweet mare who was bred for a 2012 foal, but due to complications, now will not.

I love her spots and coloring. 
Oh, Dusty mare. 
Gracefully Impressed, or just Grace. 
Oh, Gracie. An inquisitive mare, but very shy. I dont think she likes me much because I always have the loud and clamoring wheelbarrow and pitchfork, which makes her spook. I also fill the water tub and when I leave the hose in it and clean, she pokes her nose into the filling trough, causing the hose to fly out and consequently dowse her in cold water. She subsequently spooks and bolts to the other side of the pasture. And yet this scenario plays out nearly every week....

Oh, and beware hanging jackets on the fence rail. From experience they get drug into the mud and stomped beyond any hopes of cleaning.

You might remember Gracie from a post back in March, where she displayed her great displeasure to Dusty's visit to her boyfriend.

As I check the water, she checks the manure....and happens to scratch herself. 
I do like Gracie; shes exceptionally pretty and has produced many nice foals for the farm. She just doesnt allow me to give her scratches, which I wish she would reconsider.

Here's miss pretty Lexi, CCR Cando Dynamic
Lexi is the Momma to Milo's girlfriend, Missy. Definitely like Mother like Daughter, in many ways.

Miss Lexi is in foal for a 2012 baby. I dont remember which stud she was bred to here locally, but I'm sure it will be another pretty baby when it comes. I've ridden Lexi once, and it was a few months back now. Shes a nice mover, but shes a little unpredictable under saddle. Great broodmare though.

Finally, this is Covergirl (not sure her registered name, if she is). 
Covergirl is Jake's "sister". They are owned by the same owner. Before Milo was moved to the pasture with Jake, Covergirl had been with him for a long time. But her owner went to her first year at college this year, and took her with her. At first, no one thought Jake could get over it, but eventually he got close to Milo. Not wanting to split up the boys this summer, Covergirl is in the pasture with Lexi across the driveway.

Covergirl is a curious horse, but can be a little timid. Shes a short and thick stature, and her owner uses her for gaming.

So those are the girls of the pastures this summer. Painted pretties!


in2paints said...

All beautiful mares, but I'm in love with Dusty! Wow!! She is literally my dream mare... I'm guessing she has Hot Scotch Man breeding? Give her a big kiss from me next time you visit her!! :)

paint_horse_milo said...

Good job! LOL She is, her daddy is Hot Scotch Man. I realize now I didnt write a whole lot about her...but shes one of my favorites down there because shes super friendly and sweet, and pretty! LoL