Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fly Sheet in the Rain?

Well, Milo had his fly sheet and mask on for a total of less than 24 hours the other day. Sunny on Monday, raining on Tuesday. Poor Milo must've been uncomfortable with a wet rain sheet and mask on until I got there. But he got to sport his new sheet for a little while at least. The time will come I'm sure to actually get to use it .... right?

It's June and 50 degrees. Where is this summer I have heard so much about??

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An Image of Grace said...

I usually leave the fly sheet on in the summer when it rains. It drys out pretty quick and helps with those nasty flies that come out when the sun breaks appear. I caught and released a spider this morning at the office instead of killing it. That will make the sun come out now, wont it?