Sunday, May 29, 2011

Your Opinions Please

So I battled three blankets this season that didnt fit Milo very well. The heavy weight rubbed out his mane above his wither and left shoulder and chest rubs. The mid weight and light weight left shoulder and chest rubs as well. I hate the fit of all of them. I just spent a healthy $100 to get all three washed, repaired, and waterproofed. The plan was to sell the three of them to purchase one mid or heavy weight Hug Blanket, a blanket I know should fit well and I have seen many horses at the barn with them. However, the blanket (mid) and a hood (I want to keep my options open for body clipping again), for a discounted price, would be $119. Granted, if I sold the three blankets I would make $135 (at asking price) so that pretty much keeps me in the clear for a new blanket? Just out the cleaning and repair fees.

Or, I could keep the three old and rubbing blankets, and just invest in a lycra shoulder guard and/or full body sheet. And I would only spend about $35 for either. I still will have an issue of a well fitting hood (I hate the one I have now, which technically doesnt fit onto any of the blankets), and would need to buy one and risk it attaching to the blankets correctly.

This past winter with Milo's clip he remained in the heavy weight most of the winter, so it would only seem right to get a hood to attach to that blanket. The heavy blanket sits too far up on his wither and rubbed out his mane. I would be afraid that a hood might rub out even more. But I do want to keep my clipping options open as I was even considering a full body clip next year, and most likely invest in liner as I layered with the lightweight this past winter on exceptionally cold days.

So, say getting a mid weight HUG blanket might not even be enough warmth for him considering he spent most of the winter in the heavy weight and an occasional additional layer. Maybe getting a HUG heavyweight is a better option? About $40 more in price. So, sell the old heavy weight and light weight (I hate the lightweight too much to keep, and I rarely used it this season) and invest in one heavy Hug?

Naturally, in my frugal state (which was current even before the unemployment) I want to opt for the cheaper route. But would this really be cheaper in the long run? Especially if I consider the rubbing that might still take place? However, I have been wanting to replace my mid-weight blanket anyways for some time - I've been using and repairing the same one for going on six years, used when I had Koalt. I can't see buying a new blanket if it absolutely isnt necessary, or if I dont counter-act the cost by selling the others. I like having options for heavy, mid, or light and would be a bit nervous on just having one blanket.

Not to mention, now is a great time to stock up on winter supplies when everything is on closeout. I need to make a decision soon. I had planned all winter to clean and sell them all and invest in one nice Hug blanket, but now that that time has come, I'm putting on the brakes. I have someone interested in all three blankets, but I'm nervous to seal the deal, and end up regretting that decision later.

What would you do??

*Noting due to confusion in the comments the blanket brands are Saxon, Schneiders V-Fit, and Macpro-Tex. None of them fit correctly and by that I mean no rubbing on shoulders, chest, or mane.


SillyPony said...

I've never had a HUG, and I don't know what brands the 3 you have are, but have you tried the V-Fit line from Schneiders? I use those on Junior and we eliminated the mane rub and shoulder rubs he was getting from his Viking II (also Schneiders, but in their economy line). I have the Regulator Heavyweight (still looks new after it's 1st winter) and the Techno-Fleece which is my favorite blanket and Junior beats the crap out of it. They also have liners with the V-Fit. I am able to use the Techno-Fleece neck cover with both blankets. I have never had a Rambo or other high end blanket, but I'm happy with the Schneiders. Just keep in mind the higher the price with theirs the more durable/well made. BIG difference in quality between their $60 blankets and their $120 blankets.

SillyPony said...

Also, I like the new look!

paint_horse_milo said...

SillyPony, my midweight is a v-fit and it still rubs is shoulders....right at the front of his chest. I agree, Ive had that same blanket for SIX years and it is still alive and well, so I know they are durable. It just doesnt fit Milo no matter how I adjust the V straps.

paint_horse_milo said...

Further emphasis, the v-fit IS a schneiders blanket.

Laura said...

I LOVE the looks of that HUG blanket. Sheer genius! I haven't had issues of rub, but my girl destroys a blanket every other year. I may try that next. This was to be the 2nd year of last year's blanket, but since she spent 2 mos in a heated barn (in training), it got a life extension to next year.

smazourek said...

I ended up having to get my gelding one of those shoulders guards for his stable blanket during his first winter. It was very constricting in the shoulders and rubbed something awful. The guard helped quite a bit.

Last winter he lived outdoors and only wore his heavyweight turnout with shoulder gussets. That one didn't rub at all.

Story said...

Love the new look to your blog!

Ok, my thin skinned girl is the blanket rub queen so I know what you're going through.

I tried a lycra shoulder guard and hated it. First it tore the first week I had it. Then, while it prevented the shoulder and mane rubs, it created it's own rubs along the bottom edge of the guard. Now, I did do some research and found Bossy Bibs which seem to get good reviews, but of course they are more expensive and I never tried one for myself.

For winter I have a StormShield® VTEK® REGULATOR Bellyband Turnout midweight and I totally love it. The only blanket to not rub my girl! I combined it with Schneider's Adjusta-Fit® V-FREE™ Nylon Blanket Liner on really cold days and found it made a really flexible setup.

But all Schneider's blankets are definitely not created equal. I also have a Adjusta-Fit® Lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Blanket which I hate! It tends to slide back tight against her shoulders no matter what and rub like crazy! I thought it would be a perfect spring blanket but apparently not. I also have a Adjusta-Fit® Dura-Nylon® V-Free™ Sheet which rubs too, although not as bad.

So, long story short...the midweight is the only one I have that doesn't rub. I'd love to hear more about the HUG blankets. Very interesting design. I wish I hadn't spent my spring blanket budget already on a blanket that I need to leave in the horse trailer.