Monday, April 11, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend

Hi Momma - the sun feels good on my back.

Apple?!? Nom nom nom nom!

Hey, come back over here! I want more apples!
I arrived Sunday morning to assist with the barn wide spring cleaning. I approached the driveway from the highway and couldnt see Milo or Jake anywhere. Not in their shelter, the corner, or under the apple tree. 

Then I drove down the driveway farther and spotted them:

Its quite an ingenious sleeping spot. Cant see them from the highway, soft dry dirt, protection from rain or predators, and probably traps heat nicely too. I wonder if Milo helps Jake up and down with his old arthritic knees? I found it sweet to see the both of them sleeping together, although Milo appears to be the one on a watch.


Rising Rainbow said...

I can hardly see Jake tucked in there. Good think Milo has that white face so he's easily seen.

Julie K said...

oh my goodness...I love the pic of him eating the apple core. His nose looks soooo velvety! I love soft pony noses :)