Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Love Craigslist

Craigslist is to me what eBay used to be: a good source to sell items (mainly horse items) that I no longer needed, wanted, used, or could afford to keep (many a time I have sold things to gain others). After the eBay fees though, I started to abandon their site for selling, and even very rarely check there for things I need/desire. Instead, I have turned to Craigslist.

I have gained a multitude of items and things from Craigslist; many miscellaneous horse items (most recently, those to stock my trailer with), my horse trailer (also sold my Logan trailer via this site), and even found my current job through Craigslist. Needless to say, Craigslist is probably the first place I go to when I'm looking for something I want, or to sell something. If you havent already, I would recommend checking out the site (buyer and seller beware, however, there are no protections for either party like there are via eBay).

Why, I got my trusty (and now well used) fluffy(ish) bareback pad off of Craigslist for a shallow $5. A leather headstall, reins, brushes, halter and lead, for a mere $25 after shipping. And most recently, I got a pair of leather skid boots for the song of only $7.

I have been searching for a nice pair of leather skid boots since probably October when I started competing in reining. Not one who could swallow spending $60 on foo-foo name brand ones, I had been surfing Craigslist and other internet forums searching for a pair in good shape, and for a good price. I found many advertised for around $25, many with notable wear and tear.

Then there was the intance where I found a very nice set, in good condition, for only $20. I emailed the seller asking the usual things: 'is the item still for sale?' and 'are you willing to ship?' and we had a few email responses back and forth about the skid boots. Seller had agreed to ship so I asked if she would be willing to accept Paypal, as this is the site I most usually pay for online items with. My reply back from her was some capitalized foul words and ending in "F OFF SCAMMER!" (not censored, however). Offended, but deciding it isnt worth getting into an email fight over, and she would be selling the item to me now anyways now believing I was a scammer, I replied that I hope she have a nice day and good luck selling the item. Needless to say, I was furious inside. First of all, Paypal is a highly reputable site. I could have understanded being upset if I offered a cashiers check or something of the like. Then to curse at me via e-mail without even making another thought, was just plain rude. If she really thought I was a scammer she could have just said that the item sold or something. And lastly, I was upset because I really did want the skid boots.

Story aside though, I periodically kept searching online ads, beginning to think I really just needed to buy a pair of new ones. I found some synthetic leather ones new for roughly $18, but wasnt sure how synthetic would not only hold up, but be comfortable as well as breathing.

Then I got lucky and found a Craigslist ad for leather skid boots. There were actually two sets, each advertised for only $7 a pair. I quickly emailed the owner and she helped me determine which of the two would be of the best quality and work for what I needed. What a nice seller!

So the skid boots arrived last night, so I havent been able to try them on Milo yet. But they felt durable and supple in my hands, the underside of the fetlock protection a very soft and cushy leather coating, I almost want to think its deerskin its so soft and supple. I dont have any real fear that they wont fit, as they are adjustable top and bottom.

Photo taken in my truck, I was so excited to open them
 So, not a whole lot to them, but you can see the tough outer side for the fetlock protection, and the soft inner side as well. Pictured is the way they go on, with the larger adjustment up on the leg for better stability.

I think I will start incorporating these into my daily rides, not just for competition. I in no way want Milo to ever hurt himself when going into the dirt, nor do I want him to associate any negatives (ie pain) as a result of tucking up underneath himself. Fellow reiners out there, do you use your skids for every day arena riding, or do you save them for competition?


Amy Lou said...

When I moved to urban Sacramento from rural Shasta County in California a few years ago, I left my horses and horse friends behind and it killed me. CL has been instrumental in finding horses to ride and meeting horse people.

It's unfortanate that the seller was a whack job, but who knows what could have happened if you'd actually done business with them. Patience pays off!

kel said...

I usually have my skid boots on my saddle - attached to the back cinch rings - so that if I want to work stops they are there and ready to go. I won't work big stops without them. My trainer says that you don't need them for little everyday stops - even though the horse is sliding some. I can't see where it would hurt to wear them all the time. Except they may wear out faster. Mine have plastic cups on them to protect and they have big flat spots from really sliding so I can see wear they really do need that protection.

Anonymous said...

Good to know, Kel, thanks. Granted, I dont have my own saddle as of yet, thats most likely what I will do is just house them on the rear rings.

Rising Rainbow said...

I used to sell on ebay too but the prices went down and the fees went up and it just wasn't profitable anymore. I have not looked into CL but maybe I should.

I know the arab barn that trains reiners always wear their boots. I think it's probably a convenience thing with so many horses to ride, they don't want to be taking extra time to dismount and put them on if they decided they need to work on big slides.

Story said...

I'm like Kel, if I actually work on big stops, I put them on, otherwise, they live on my saddle. But it's not a bad idea to do plenty of other practice with them on too, because when I first started putting them on Dee, I swear she'd forget how to spin! So definitely get him to do some non-stop work with them, too, so he can get used to how they feel during different maneuvers. Congratulations on the new purchase!

in2paints said...

I have to have a little bit of sympathy for that seller... only because I know how she feels, but I've never cursed at anyone via the Internet. :)

I look for services on Craigslist but still use eBay as my primary means for buying and selling. It is getting pricey but the audience is a lot larger on eBay, and like you said, there are protections offered.

I'm glad you found such a great deal on those boots!! :)

Anonymous said...

Im glad that eBay works for you, in2paints. For me I just have had far more luck in the past few years not only selling items, but finding others.

I can understand buyer and seller beware, but honestly, when I feel something off about a seller or buyer, I dont blatently call them a scammer and curse. I generally just ignore them or repsond saying no longer available.

Oh well though.