Monday, March 14, 2011

Milo's Gift

With Milo's seventh birthday (what?! Didnt I just buy him as a three year old??) coming up on the 24th, Im deciding what I want to do, or get, for him. Last year I wanted to have a custom stall sign made, but let it slip through the cracks. This year, I still plan to have one made, but save it for when our barn is built - I dont want it to be in the weather outside of his pasture. In the meantime I could place it on a wall or something in my house.

With so many options out there for custom stall signs, I figured I would get all your opinions on my final selections. Of course at this time, whichever I chose wont be here in time for the big day, but it would still be a nice piece (obviously) after his birthday.

Option A: The same design I had selected last year by Starfish Farms. This design is metal with silver engraved, afixed to a wood plaque:

I would select the Paint horse graphic (this same outline with paint markings). First line to read: Justa Cool Milo. Second line: Owned by Nina Halvorson. I would use the same black metal with silver engraving as shown, but have the plaque stained mahogony. This sign measures 3.5" x 10" and costs $35.99.

Option B: A member on a forum I frequent has her services available for stall signs through wood burning. Im awaiting a quote and the fine details, but examples of her work can be seen here. I like the look of the wood burning, but am not sure the longevity of it or if she even seals with anything. I almost feel like I would like some color put into it...

Option C: Ive always been a fan of Dana's Doodles. Her creative and hilarous drawings are just that. She offers custom stall signs, your choice of over hundreds of designs. I have sent an e-mail asking if she can personalize the colors in a selected drawing to more closely resemble Milo. Here are the two designs Im considering for personalization:

Western Standing
Cute designs, but I just wonder if it would not be quite as suited for the stall front as a sturdy wood plaque. Maybe a good route would just be one of these personalized images made into a wall mounting? What are your thoughts?

Speaking of birthdays, I wanted to add that yesterday, the 13th, my dear old Koalt turned 25 years old. I sure hope he is doing well.


Rising Rainbow said...

Happy Birthday to Koalt! I hope he is well too.

I think the hard part about determining what sign would be what are your plans for a barn. How fancy, or not, is it going to be? Will the sign fit your "decor" so to speak.

The wood sign you are wondering about finish. That's a pretty easy thing to do now days with spray on finishes. Even if she hasn't finished them it wouldn't take much for you to do that part if that sign was what you want.

paint_horse_milo said...

Well, it wont be fancy, but we will have stall fronts in wood. I think Im really deciding on either the wood burning or metal now. What I like about the wood burning idea is what it would be an actual image of Milo veruses just a general paint outline. However, I like the professionalism with the metal writing. Humm

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, between those two I guess I prefer the wood one and especially if you're going to have wood fronts on your stall. The look of the wood one has a classic (as in doesn't go out of style) quality that will not change over time where the other one looks trendy to me.

Also, I am like you I would prefer an image of my horse and not a stock image. I talked myself into one of those once and was never happy with it.

paint_horse_milo said...

I think you misunderstood because there isnt a photo for the wood burning, Im deciding between Option A and Option B.

Rising Rainbow said...

No, I didn't misunderstand. I followed your link to see a sample of her work. I was going off that.

paint_horse_milo said... like the the wood burning over the metal? :)

in2paints said...

I like the first one, but I'm a bit of a traditionalist. The burned one is also pretty, and it would be cool to have an actual image of Milo, but the engraved metal just looks classic.

I'm sure Milo will love whichever one you choose for him. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Yupe, I like the wood one.

Story said...

I have to vote for the metal one. Definitely the least personal of the lot, but like in2paints said, it's traditional and classic. But I admit that I also adore that reining horse one. Too cute for words!