Saturday, February 26, 2011

Smiling and Content

I always make sure to visit Milo before I start cleaning pastures. 

But even when I do, he gives me the sad eyes when Im not in the pasture with him. 

Waiting on water buckets to fill, I get a chance to love on him a bit. 

Oh yeah, did I mention it has been really cold here the past week?

After finished cleaning, I was able to ride Milo. He worked very well, we were able to work on lope departures, but not the lope exercise as we had before, there were lessons and boarders riding and longing. 

I dont need to go into all of the details of the ride, but Milo was a very very good boy, working straight, lifted and keeping his shoulders in line. We had one nice little two foot slide I hadnt even expected, and he worked really well through some turnarounds too. 

Just one of those great rides that leaves you smiling and content at the end. What a good Milo. 

Have a good weekend Milo! See you Monday. 


Story said...

He really has the most adorable face! So expressive!

Sounds like a great ride even with all of the arena traffic. It's been so cold here lately that I've been really hit and miss on the riding. We're in the 20Fs today, though, so riding is in my forecast again (positively tropical after enduring tempuratures in the negatives the last few days). Hope I have a ride as productive as yours! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Milo really does know how to wear those sad eyes and make them work for him. LOL

Sounds like you had another great ride. That's very cool.

While I'm going to be glad to see this colder temperatures go, I'm not looking forward to the wet stuff that is following it.

in2paints said...

He's so cute! :)

Too bad you were back to the crowded arena, but maybe the weather will start cooperating and you can ride outside soon.

Have a good weekend!