Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Official - It's Ordered!

I finally got the order placed on my saddle with Dave at About The Horse Saddles Inc. Im quite excited, but also nervous as my Crates saddle STILL has not sold, this is its third relisting on eBay, months worth of craigslist listing and postings on Facebook as well. Heres hoping it sells, if not I can cash out my PTO from work at least.

So onto the fun part then, right? What am I getting??

Im obviously getting a reining model #2 bar, but requested the larger skirt size found on his show saddle models, as well as cut out of the leather where my leg lies - better contact for reining. Aside from the basic structure, its medium oil with basketweave on the skirt, front, and horn. For an additional $100 I could have had it on the fender, but heck, no one sees the fender and therefore I can save that money. The cantle will sport a rawhide rope roll, and the horn will balance the rawhide on the rear with rawhide on the horn. White stitiching throughout, chocolate edges to match the smooth chocolate seat, rosettes with conchos and small D rings on the back with trail tie strings coming off puts the finishing touches on it.

I really like the way this will look. It will be of show quality, but with an air of "work saddle" to it. Not work as in to beat up, but that traditional western saddle feel to it, if you catch what Im trying to say. At any rate, I think it will be just beautiful, but of course I do, its made to my liking!
Dave is starting work on the tree today, and he estimated it to be about six to eight weeks (maybe sooner he noted as well) until its finished. Im quite excited about it, plus it should be ready before my next show in May as well!

Anyone want to by a nice Crates saddle??


Kate said...

That is so exciting - I want one myself but have to wait until Pie finishes filling out this year to order one. And I'll bet whatever fits Pie isn't going to fit Dawn - but maybe I'll get lucky this time.

Story said...

I can't wait to see a picture! Sounds awesome and I'm already jealous lol.

paint_horse_milo said...

Kate- Depends on how close they are. Say if Pie finishes to a #2 bar, but Dawn is a #1 or #1 1/2, you can always put a shim in to fill the space. Milo is technically a #1 1/2 (they dont make that though, only 1 2 or 3) so I know he will never outgrow a #2, and I can just shim him up until he (if he) gets more muscle up there.

I cant either Story!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Very exciting indeed. I remember when I ordered a custom saddle to my specs. It was so exciting I could hardly wait for it to arrive. It fits me so beautifully. Wish it fit my horses as well but it is the closest thing to working for them that I own.