Thursday, January 27, 2011

That Smell Only Indicates One Thing

A happy Milo greeted me on my lunch hour when I went to soak and repack Milo's hoof.

His hoof appeared (lots of black gunk that was not there when I packed last night) to have blown, and the smell certainly indicated that it had.

I soaked him again with epsom salts for twenty five minutes, scrubbed out all of the nasty crud, then reapplied the Mag-60 Paste and booted up. Milo was feeling good and trotted alongside me as I led him back down to his pasture. Im sure hes about as ready to get back into work as I am!



in2paints said...

Ew, not a pleasant smell, that's for sure! But "oh happy day" !! :) I'm sure he feels much better!

Anonymous said...

Very good news - at least abscesses let you know what they're doing!