Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I arrived at Milo Tuesday night totally surprised to see him resting with both hind hooves on the ground. He wasnt favoring the left hind like he had been the day before. 

I took him out of the pasture to the outdoor arena to get a better assessment out of the mud. He was still favoring a bit, but was hugely better then the day before. If I could estimate, I would say 70% better:

Yes I know, my videography skills are non existent. Sorry for that. I didnt have anyone else to help me as I did the day before.

You'll note that he is not only walking on it nearly sound, but he even pivots on it for the turn. Thats a fantastic sign! Not to mention, the heat and swelling where totally gone as well. And thats not just wishful thinking, it was truly gone. Now, why arent I scaling him at say 100%? When I asked him to trot on the line, he complied, but favored the left still. Not horrible three legged lame type favoring, but trotting on like the toe area. Which almost leads me to think of an abcess, but there is no heat on the hoof, nor could I detect any soreness through the sole area with my hoof pick (I know, not a hoof tester, but its something).

And what do you see here? Thats right, Milo is resting his weight onto the left hind. Im not sure if its because the cold water was numbing, but in any case, that is a really good sign.

Boyfriend says that if Milo is sound we should go to the show. Boyfriend is also not a horseperson. But even last night chatting with a fellow horse owner, I will call him D, he too agreed that if he's sound we should go. Im torn on this simply because while I would love to go and stay in the lead for the series, I would really really hate to cause any harm.

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Anonymous said...

He does look improved - perhaps it was just a tweak after all - Dawn did something like that a couple of months ago in one front - there was never any heat or swelling in the leg which meant it was probably inside the hoof capsule - check his hooves over carefully for any areas of heat.