Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tricky Milo

I drove up to Milo's pasture and was greeted by this:
Looks pretty normal, right? A cute looking Milo greeting Mom with his version of a grin. 
Can you guess whats wrong with this picture?

Milo asks, "Hey Mom, why are you walking to the far corner of the pasture?"

Me: "Milo, do you see that crumpled lump in the corner? That you so kindly dumped over here? That is supposed to be on you."

"Oh, ha, well you see, um, it sorta fell off on it's own.."

"See Milo, this is the image I want to see when I drive up to see you. That is on your neck for a purpose."
"I think it's unnecessary"
"You remember how I clipped your fuzzy winter coat off of you last Friday?"
"And how theres no hair on your neck now?"
"I suppose"
"That's why. Its only because I love you."

"Ok, so with this love that you speak of, could you give me a carrot? A cookie? Or maybe just a face rub?"
"I think I can do that, Milo."


Story said...

I keep wanting to get a neck cover for Dee but I imagine she'd treat it with the same respect Milo did lol!

in2paints said...

They just don't apprecite the things we do for them and the money we spend, do they? :) That's how I felt this past summer about AJ and his fly mask.

Love that last picture!

in2paints said...

Sorry to post again but that was driving me crazy! :)

paint_horse_milo said...

Oh man dont get me started about the fly mask! Did you see my post over the summer of the one he DESTROYED? At least he doesnt kill the neck cover in the process of getting it off! :)

And Story, I got this neck cover off craigslist for $15, so it doesnt hurt my pockets too bad lol