Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scenes from Saturday

Didnt get to ride Milo on Saturday, although I usually dont make it out on the weekend anyways unless we are hauling somewhere. Wes and I (OK, mostly Wes because its evident from below that I was too busy taking photos) worked on the property a bit. We went to his parents' house to get one of their tractors and work on the mound of shrubs, sticks, and stumps that need burned. The following is a recap of that event.

Angie entertained me...or I entertained her. One way or the other we were both amused.


Tractor tires leave big marks.

1 comment:

in2paints said...

That picture of Angie getting her stick is beautiful!! Her coat is so shiny!

Looks like a productive day with the tractor. :)