Friday, December 10, 2010

Its Perfect

I had been looking far and wide for the perfect saddle blanket. While I use my black Cashel pad, I wanted something pretty to go over it. I have a wool hunter green blanket that Ive had since I bought my very first saddle (a Semi QH synthetic cordura from CountrySupply. I saved up for six months for the $350 thing! Thats another story for another day though), and needless to say its getting a little old, a little tattered, and a little frayed. And hunter green isnt really Milo's color, it was the color I used for Koalt. While Milo may sometimes use the hunter green nylon halter I bought years ago (my very first tack purchase!), I will eventually succum to buying him his own new one (but he does have a brown bronco halter!).

I searched far and wide for the saddle blanket I had invisioned in my head. It needed to be something versatile, but with a little bit of pop - and preferably with red accent in it. I found many nice Mayatex blankets in pretty colors and patterns, but they werent the blanket I had visioned. Finally, my luck paid out when I visited a horse forum I frequent, and saw a gal selling her wool saddle blanket for a nice $25. I emailed her and paid. It arrived on Tuesday and was more beautiful than the pictures suggested!

Milo modeling the new saddle blanket.

Im pleased that the colors in the blanket compliment Milo so well. I know that I like red on him and chocolate, and the beige in it helps to lighten it up a bit too. The photos didnt turn out very well under the florescent lights in the barn at 6:30pm, but Im sure down the road I can get a better picture of it the colors truely are gorgeous!

What I really like about this blanket and the colors is just how versatile I can be with it. I can wear a red shirt, and orange shirt, a chocolate shirt, or a cream shirt. I could also wear light chaps, chestnut chaps, or chocolate chaps. I have that same versatility in my hat color as well (although I only have a silverbelly to match this one).

I also am in love with the pattern. Its not too aztec looking as some can be (especially in the color set I was looking for). Plus its unique, I honestly can say I have never seen a saddle blanket in this same pattern - and believe me, I was looking!

It is also just very "me". I like simplistic but durable equipment. Bling has its place, but not very much for me (the most bling I like is the dotted look on a headstall, or a nice concho). I just cant say enough good things about this saddle blanket! It truly is the perfect one! Next must-have: a matching shirt (oh yeah, and the saddle to go over this!).

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Story said...

The colors are perfect on him! I'm looking for one to go over my work pad, too, but have yet to find the one that clicks. I'm also trying to figure out how to explain to Husband that yes, we just spent $$$ on a saddle pad...but now we need to hide it under something lol.