Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a Major Award! I Won, I Won, I Won!

Back in October Milo was selected on a Facebook contest in the top twenty for Nutramax Lab's Proviable EQ Happy Horse Contest, hosted by Julie Goodnight, contributor for Horse & Rider magazine, and she also has her own show on RFD-TV.

The was the winning photo:

This photo was taken by Milo's girlfriend, Missy's owner. Apparently, he stole the mask from her. 

And this was the prize, shipped to my great surprise:

And it's contents:

A insulated small cooler, a syringe of Proviable-EQ (which Im not exactly sure what it is, underneath it just says, "Contains a Source of Live Naturally Occuring Microorganisms"), an 80 day supply of Cosequin ASU,  a 60 day supply of Proviable-EQ powder Gut Balancer that is "a digestive aid to encourage normal gastrointestinal function and health" (which seems it could be useful), and Cosequin Valactin, a faty acid fish oil supplement, along with of course, the bucket, and some reading material.

And I should read that material. I think at this point the only thing I would give to Milo would be the Cosequin ASU, and decide on the other stuff later.

Funny, when all this went down about Milo needing supplements after his X-Rays and such, my vet recommended Platinum Performance Ortho-Chon, or Cosequin ASU. I chose the PP mostly because of its great reviews - the price was about the same as the Cosequin. Now, Milo has run out of his supply (as noted on the white board at the barn) and here I am, nicely broke after the holidays. I can either a) put the PP on my credit card, or b) use the Cosequin until gone, and get the PP again afterwards (or, unless I see a marked improvement in Milo, go with Cosequin).

Im sure I will get some flaming responses either here or at the barn for switching Milo to a new supplement simply because I have it and it will save some money this month. But, it was recommended for use by my vet along with the PP, and I did send him off an e-mail asking what he thought of using this this time around and see, which he thought was fine to do so.

So, I guess I will bring this out to the barn on my next visit, as well as start diving into the reading material to see what else I have!


An Image of Grace said...

That is awesome! I wouldn't hesitate to use the Cosequin ASU if I were you. What perfect timing!

in2paints said...

Wow, Congratulations! Milo is certainly the picture of a happy horse!! :)

I don't see what the Cosequin could hurt... it's the same type of supplement as the PP and it magically arrived in the mail just in time! Perhaps you'll even like it better.

Rising Rainbow said...

Congratulations! Talk about some cool loot.

That one product is a probiotic. If you ever have your horse on an antibiotic it is really best to use a probiotic as well since the antibiotic kills good bacteria as well as bad. The probiotic will repopulate the good.

Personally, I think those people who flame others for not caring for their horses the way the flamers think is "right" are narrow minded control freaks. That kind of thinking does not make the world a better place for horses. It causes dissention and strife which is the last thing horses need.

Cosequin and Platinum are both fine products and your horse is lucky to be afforded either one of them.

Anonymous said...

RR - Thanks for the encouragement. Good to know more about the probiotic, I will have to look and see if there is any experation on it.

Unfortunely, we have a lot of people like that around here who solicite their opinions when they feel, and make those who dont heed their advice feel guilty and upset. *shakes head*

Rising Rainbow said...

I have used probiotics past expiration and they are just fine. Of course, I got the idea from my vet who told me they are one of those things that would be fine. I always use probiotics with my foals when they are first born and at five days and then ten. They help make the foal heat squirts less bad. Then I use biosponge for that and it works awesome.

I know those people who think they know it all about horse care and that everyone should do it their way are everywhere but I just tune them out because I know the problems their closemindness causes outweighs any usefullness that might be there. I do not allow them to "guilt" me into their line of thinking. It is just not usefull and sure not good for my horses or me. Don't let yourself be bullied by such people. Doing so will undermine your confidence and belief in yourself. You work hard to do right by your horse and that is what matters, not their opinion of you.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there!!
Thanks for signing up to "Follow/Lead/Share" at my horsey place!

What a haul of a great gifting..Milo is specially fortunate horsey! Love the photo too~

Will be back to get to know you better!

Mare said...

Very Cool and very exciting...what a fun picture! I once audited Julie Goodnight at a clinic, and throughly enjoyed it, she has a lot of useful stuff to say...