Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess What I Did Last Night?

Ok, so I went to Diamond Hill Ranch last night to help with the speed penning, but did not bring Milo. Although I did have a good (but short) ride on him before. He was good - we just kept things low key and did some more reinforcement on what we know. He was a bit distracted at one point - the lesson's horse was a bit frisky and Milo thought it might be a good idea to be frisky too. But after a few attempts on his part to trot off and throw his head in the air, Mom quickly said no to that. He came right back to me though, and we got a bit of nice work in before giving Sarah back her saddle.

I didnt stay long enough at DHR to watch much of the actual speed penning. I helped set up the "panels" they would use, and had some chatting with Sarah and Melissa. I just snapped a few photos of everyone (although will not post here without their permission) than by seven, decided I was really hungry for dinner and Boyfriend had already thought it was unfair that after riding my horse I still wasnt home.

I kind of actually like the overexposure in this photo. The arena and my camera make it difficult to get very nice shots. But I still try!

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