Monday, September 13, 2010

Upcoming Winter Series

I received this year's Winter Buckle Series information for the upcoming Reining/Cutting/Sorting shows at the Tacoma Unit. The dates are:
October 9th & 10th    
November 6th & 7th    
November 27th& 28th    
January 8th & 9th
January 22nd & 23rd

February 12th & 13th

At these shows I will be showing in the Beginning Reining Class and the Green Novice Sorting. I am so excited! And one of the best parts is that in the reining I can show either one or two handed (so I can show Milo in the snaffle so I dont have to push him into the shank) and can either do a flying or simple change in the pattern, so again if he isnt down with the flying change I can still show simple. Thats great! I dont have to push him too hard if he isnt ready!

I was wanting to show this series last year but I felt Milo just wasnt quite there yet. I believe he is now.

So the countdown begins for an exciting (and remember, FUN) winter show series ahead!!!


Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun!! I've never shown, been to one though. ;)
Good idea to wait until he was ready. There are so many horse that are pushed into showing before they are ready it's not funny.


Story said...

Green reining classes are a great place to start. I wish we had a schooling series over teh winter. Sounds like a ton of fun!