Saturday, September 4, 2010

Personalities II

Continuing on the topic of Milo's personality, I did like in2paints did and read more about The Goddess Personality by sneak peaking into the book on Amazon.

I am so surprised that someone was able to write about my horse without ever meeting him! How do the authors research this? How do they know what types of personalities all the horses have and be so intricate and accurate in their definitions?

*All quotations are copyrighted by the author of "Is Your Horse a Rockstar?"

"If the Goddess horse has found its way into your barn you are lucky" Well duh, I already knew that :) "Usually quite vocal, this horse will be the one nickering to you when you get out of the car or open your front door" very very true. I cant wait to experience that second half in about a year or so!!

"They are emotional and sensitive and yet still confident. They are wonderfully sensible and safe." "Beware though. If they are uncomfortable, unhappy, or sore they can be very expressive with a crank pinning of the ears and swish of the tail". Right on the money there! Milo is always eager to tell me when something is going on. Even if he just wants to show me where to scratch him.

"For the Goddess, the relationship is paramount." "They trust you and you can trust them. They want to be your partner and they need you to be listening." Aww this makes my day. I always knew somewhere inside me that Milo loves me as much as I love him. He is always checking up on where I am. Like the other day when Wes was covering Milo's eyes and I walked into the tack room, Milo got very upset not knowing where I went. What a good baby. :)

"...get bored easily...they want a lot of variety in the things that you do together" Aha, another nail on the head. I have always said that Milo gets bored easily. This is exactly why we switched from Western Pleasure. The monotiny was driving Milo up the wall. He loves the rodeo drill team, chasing cows, working hard and pretty in the arena, and trails. As long as I mix it up, Milo is game.

"...they will usually internalize their stress and can develop physical problems, especially back problems. As  their rider, your job will be to help them focus and keep their energies more in balance." Another one! Geez, how did they know that Milo holds his stress and tension in his back and Im constantly working on keeping him balanced and flexible?

"It is difficult for the Goddess to change owners. Not only do we get very attached to these horses, but they to us as well. They show obvious signs of depression when they are sold." Good to know. But Milo, you have no fear of that!!

"They like a communicative rider who is as enthusiastic as them." Check. I think Im a pretty happy go lucky, gets really excited type of person myself. "Positive reinforcements are key and they will thrive in that type of training program." I learned this very early on. And even in his flying lead changes now, the first few ones he needs a HUGE "GOOD BOY!" and a very very obvious "that was correct". He nailed his third flying change just yesterday in our riding :)

"Whatever your sport, this horse is happy to do it." "They are not attached to the job. They are working to please you. In competitive fields they are your high point, super horse, all around contenders. Your challenge will be to not get stuck in one sport. This horse will encourage you to broaden your horizons and go play in new fields." Wow. Good to know. I think that my plans for working cow horse inclusive of the drill team and mounted shooting will be great for him. Always changing it up, but still having fun and excelling (I hope) in any or all of these fields.

What a greater insight into the world and mind of my horse. While I think I have always known these things about Milo, it is really interesting to see them in writing. Sure makes me appreciate my horse so much more, and the love that he has for me too :) He is not a horse to miss out on, and I do not ever plan for him to leave my side.

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An Image of Grace said...

Thanks for the Amazont tip. Just looked up Rock Star and if I wasn't sure before I am now! Amazing how right on it was. It even talked about them taking the lead on the trail. That was Grace today!