Thursday, September 2, 2010

Im Not Good at Sharing

Well, in some ways. I have no problem loaning things out as long as they come back in good condition and on time. I have no problem hauling with/for someone. I dont mind taking extra time to ride your horse, watch you longe it to find lameness, or any other thing you may need. But I am not good at sharing the arena.

I dont mind riding with other people. It just drives me nuts that the facility that I pay for boarding with is so busy and full of lessons all the time that when I want to ride and work on something specific I cant because the arena is overcrowded and taken over by lessons. With crappy weather on the very near horizon, I already have a glimpse of what winter training/riding is going to be like.

Yesterday it was a gloomy cloudy day out with rain the previous ride making the outdoor arena unserviceable again. Entering the arena there was one lesson and two other riders. I want to stress that I dont mind sharing the arena, it just bothers me that I cant work on things I need to work on (ie lead changes, circles, poles, etc) because I have to be paying attention to whats going on with the lesson. One minute the lesson is on the rail, than a circle, than the rail again, or changing directions. Its hard to work my horse when he and I are distracted by having to get out of the way.

Im sorry for the complaint. Yesterday was just a stark reminder of what winter has in store. It doenst help that Im at the barn at one of the busiest times of the day - every one is off work or out of school and wanting to ride.

But the ride went well. While Milo was distracted by the happenings in the arena, he still did a good job. Worked on our transitions more, rode the square, had him picking up his shoulder more through turns. I had wanted to work on roll back and lead changes but with the lessons going on it wasnt going to work. Did a little work on our turnarounds, need to revisit them as Milo is trying to turn rearward not with forward motion. He starts well on the inside hind, but about a turn later he switches to the outside. I drive him forward and back into a circle when he does but I think with a little more work it should come back.

Lastely, I have ot give myself some kudos. I have been a lot more mindful about my seat and sitting for upright and have been doing better :)


Kate said...

I used to ride at a busy barn that had lots of lessons - jumping lessons, to boot, which tend to be using the whole ring - you have to wait in one spot for each jumping round. Even though we have no indoor, I much prefer my current set up where there are rarely more than one or two of us riding at a time - I can work on whatever I want and use any equipment - poles, cones, barrels, etc. that I want. Of course there is the disadvantage of more days off due to bad or winter weather . . .

paint_horse_milo said...

I cant wait until our property is finished (crosses fingers for) next summer. While we will have an outdoor arena at least my horse will be conformtably in my "backyard" and I can ride at any time and use however much of my arena that I want!

Story said...

It's funny, I'm sometimes torn about being at a very low population barn...frankly, it can be lonely! But then the rare day comes that I actually have to share the arena and all I can say is that some people are so hard to ride with! Like some riders ride in a very predictable pattern and are so easy to work around, while others are all over the place and some never watch where they are going! Sure teaches you to keep your chin up! So yeah, I hate sharing...but I wish I had more people to ride with lol.