Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yesterday (Monday) I had a fantastic trail ride with two friends, Heather and Clara and their horses Missy and Major (the Three Muskateers! All M named horses!).

It was the first time I had ridden Milo since the rodeo-I was going to give him a few days off anyways, but than the whole ear thing happened. He was very good for being a bit spunky. I knew I had some refreshing to do on him and the bit (he learned how to evade it at the rodeo) but he actually did very well.

We had about a two and a half hour ride on a beautiful day. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have FINALLY gotten our well deserved summer this week. Supposed to be topping into the high eighties (warm for around here). So it was a beautiful day and we all did a bit exploring- through a fresh clear cut and than found some random trails with named "road" signs on them. It was a lot of fun finding new trails none of us had been on before. And it was adorable because Milo was in as much of an exploratory mood as I was.

One of those rides that reminds you why you ride the wonderful horse you own :) Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

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